A recent email.

LogoCarlos was the third parrot of the day. And the brief was missing one vital concept – eccentricity. You need to be bonkers to keep what are the oddest birds ever. Part pet, part child they have demanding personalities.The first two were African Greys and they were shy, retiring, elusive and best shot from the hip. Carlos was a different matter. A complete counterpoint to Ambrose his feathered housemate. Colorful to the extreme he was relaxed and totally happy to pose especially as there was cake. Why the AGA? Well the cake and of course they are big advertisers.

Parrot eats cake

Brendan is a Scotland, UK based photographer shooting people and places in the studio and on location. New clients include Harviestoun Brewery, Woman, Woman’s Own and Forestry Commission Scotland. When not working with animals you’ll find him mountain biking or checking out the latest single malt whiskies and craft beers from around Scotland or even in the kitchen turning out pizza or curry.

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